Down Under Campaign Finished!

Time to give an update.
I went to Australia on January 21. The first challenge planned was to Qualify for the Victorian Open and the Australian Open, two LPGA tournaments. In the meanwhile, I already qualified for the Victorian Open through my ALPG ranking 2018, so the only objective left was to Qualify for the Australian Open. Quit a challenge, taken into account that only the winner would get a wild card. I considered therefor this tournament as a warm-up for my Australian campaign but ended up nicely in a sixth place.
Next on the list was the Victorian Open. This is a very big tournament organized by the LPGA, the LET, the European Tour and the ALPG. It is one of most beautiful and exiting tournaments in the world. Man and woman play together on two courses and get equal payment. There’s a cut after 2 rounds and a second cut after 3 rounds.
I made a phenomenal start with a round of -5, good for a 4th place. Unfortunately, I had to accept a 78 in the second round and just survived the first cut. And then…, I wrote some history.
After the first cut there were 76 woman and 80 man left. After a long discussion between the management of the tours, they made the historical decision to send out, for the first time, a mixed flight with 2 man and 1 woman. And the woman was me!!!
I never had so many media coverage in my life as you can see on this video:
This was real fun. I missed the second cut but had a wonderful experience. The Victorian Open is one of the nicest tournaments in the world. Lots of people, lots of volunteers and super atmosphere until the last stroke. It should be an example for the rest of the golf world. It was also fun to see Laura Gonzalez and Jodi Ewart again.
Next tournament on the program was the Australian Classic Bonville (LET/ALPG), in which I ended up nicely 20th (73-72-75-71)
After that, the ActeWal AGL Canberra Classic (LET/ALPG) and a super 6th place (66-67-72).
The last game was the Worrells NSW Woman’s Open (LET/ALPG). A nice closing of my Australian adventure with another Top 20 place (18th) with a score of 72-66-73-71.
Than straight from the golf course to the airport for a trip Canberra – Sydney – Dubai – Cape town (24 hours in the air !) to be on time for the South African Open (LET/Sunshine Tour)
This heavy trip and the fact that it was extreme windy on the first day made that I had a difficult start. The second round I reduced my score by six strokes and the last round with another six for a super score of 68. Nice result with a 25th place.
A last day of sightseeing with my travel mate Sarah Shober and back home for 2 weeks of recuperation before I leave for Terre Blanche and my first LETAS Tournament.
I think I may say that my “down under” campaign was a huge success. I moved another 75 spots on the Rolex World Ranking, and I am now positioned at the 385th place. At the European Tour order of Merit I’m in 21th position an I’m 57/60 on the list for the Olympic games 2020.
Thanks to everyone who supported me. This would not be possible without your help, because gender equality in woman’s golf is still a long way to go.

Season 2018 comes to an end...

My season is over and I can look back on a successful year.

At the Santander/LETAS tournament in El Prat Barcelona I finished 9th, where I also finished in the top 5of the LetAccess. My last tournament of the year on the Ladies European Tour was the Spanish Open where I finished 22nd with scores of 73;74;73;66. (Best round of the day!).

The tournament was played at the very beautiful La Quinta Golf in Benahavis. The weather conditions were horrible. We couldn’t play practice rounds and as expected we were not able to finish the first round. It wasn’t look good, and we weren’t sure if we could play 4 rounds. As a result, I just made the cut and had to play the last two days 26 holes each day to finish the tournament. During my last round I felt everything came together, I hit good shots close to the pin and made a lot of putts. Finished in style with my best round of the year on the LET 66 (-5).

I couldn’t imagined a better ending of my season. I knew that I secured my LET card through LetAccess by finishing in the top 5 but because I finished this well in Spain I moved up in the Order of Merit to the 70th spot. This means that I have a better category for 2019 and I will be able to play in more events.
The fun thing was also that Fanny Cnops just came short on getting her card for the LET on the LetAcces but because of my good result in the end will she be on the tour as well next year.

No qualifying school this year and a well deserved vacation.

With all this achievements and results I moved up in the Rolex World ranking to 466.( compared with the beginning of the season is this 150 spots). Currently, I am also standing on the list for the Olympic Games of 2020 in Japan.

It was a successful year and I achieved all my goals for this season.

I want to thank everyone again for their support without you this would not be possible.
The best wishes for 2019 and another successful year!

Manon De Roey

The Summer Season is over and a lot happened...

From 8 until 12 august I was participating in the European Team championships in Glasgow to represent Belgium, together with Chloe Leurquin, Christopher Mivis and Lars Buys. The competition was played on the beautiful Centenary course from Gleneagles. 
The format was 2 against 2 matchplay followed by a mixed foursome strokeplay event. The first match we lost against Germany and the second match was against England, which was almost inpossible. we had to play against Laura Davies (US Open Senior Champion 2018) and Georgia Hall ( British Open Champion 2018), we lost 4&2 which wasn't to bad and in the end it was a great experience and honour to play against them. Against Spain we halved the match.
in the mixed foursome stroke play event I played together with Christopher Mivis and we played pretty good with a score of -1. In total (two belgian teams together) we finished 8th. It was such a fun event to participate in and great

Right after I went to France for the Bossey ladies Championship (LETAS) where I finished 10th (71,71,68), right after I went to play the Turfman Alllerum Open (LETAS) in Sweden where I finished T26 (75,69,72). Than I went to play in the Lacoste Ladies Open de France (LET) in Bordeaux where I finished T40 (68,73,71,73) and than this happened...

15th September 2018   By: Adrian Milledge

My first win as a professional!!!

After a first round of -4 I was in the lead in this LETAS tournament and I stayed in the lead after another great round of -5. In the beginning of the third round with only one shot ahead of Lydia Hall (defending champion) and two shots from Felicity Johnson, I extended my lead after 9 holes, but than Lydia started to make three birdies in a row. After hole 17 I still had one shot lead but all of a sudden Lydia holed a putt from 4 meters for birdie. I missed the green on 18 and left myself a 3 meter putt for par to go into a Play Off. I had to hole the putt and I did it. Time for a play off. We went back to hole 18 and Lydia was the first to hit, she just left it short of the green, I had a good shot middle green. She 3 putted and I made a good two putt. I WON!!!! Lydia made me really work for it but thats how it should be. It was a great match!

This victory made a big change in my world ranking,  I jumped into the Top 500 in the world and currently I am on the ranking for the Olympic Games for 2020 in Tokyo. Also, I went up to the 10th spot in the Order Of Merit on the LetAccess.

But the end is always the hardest. To keep my LET Card for next year, I have to finish in the Top 80 of the Order of Merit or in the Top 5 on the LetAccess. Currently, I am ranked 95 on the LET, this will change a little bit because all the players that hasn't played 6 events this year will drop out of the ranking. On the LETAS this will be the same. 

After all this happened I played in the Estrella Damm Mediterranean Ladies Open (LET) where I missed the cut because losing a lot of shots with putting on Bermuda grass. In October I also played the Hero Women's Indian Open (LET) where I missed the cut, I didn't play that bad but I had a few mistakes from the tee which costed me a lot of shots in the end. It was another great experience and also another great country to visit. I went to visit the Taj Mahal which is very impressive to see.

Now there are still 2 tournaments to play: 

Next week 8/11 until 10/11 I will be playing on the Sanatander Golf Tour (LETAS) at El Prat in Spain and the last one will be the Ladies Open de Espagne (LET) from 22/11 until 25/11 in Marbella. 

Lets cross fingers! I will keep you updated.

Talk to you soon and thank you so much for your support.


Mid Season Update

After my successful “winter” in Australia, I returned to Europe and started with the LETAS in Terre Blanche ( Thanks André and Nadine for hosting me over there!), where I made the cut and ended up T31 (75-74).

Next was the Lalla Meyrem cup in Morocco (European Tour). I made the cut again and ended up T30 (71-78-73-72). Up to Gams in Switzerland for the VP bank Ladies open (LETAS). Made it again: T37 (71-72-72). The next tournament was the Jabra Ladies open. A mixed LET/LETAS event on the impressive Evian course. Although Evian is a beautiful course, it is clearly not my cup of tea.

Time for some rest and training before a busy period with tournaments all over the place:

· Finnish Open (LETAS): T14 (75-69-76)

· Czech Ladies Open (LETAS): T34 (71-72-74)

· Ladies European Championship in Thailand (LET): T47 (74-73-72-73)

· Belfius Ladies Open (LETAS): T23 (75-76-73)

· Spain (LETAS): T24 (71-70-70)

Six weeks of traveling in different time zones was starting to get on me. Time for some rest and putting everything back in order.

Anyway, overall I’m pretty happy with my results. Made almost all of the cuts on LET and LETAS and I’m positioned on the 61 th place in the order of merit of the Ladies European Tour. (Top 80 at the end of the year secures my card for next year). A Top 5 position in a LET tournament would help. One of these days …

I’m pretty excited for the upcoming weeks.

Next Monday I’m going to play the final selection for the Ricoh Woman’s British Open. Not an easy job; 120 players (including several world top 100 players) for 12 places. But as I said: “one of these days…) So next tournament will be the British Open!

Immediately thereafter, I play the European Team championships on the famous Gleneagles course in Scotland together with Chloe Leurquin, Christopher Mivis and Lars Buys) It is a new event with the ambition to become the European Olympic Games. Besides golf, the event includes also other sports like Aquatics, Cycling, Gymnastics, Rowing, Triathlon and Athletics.

It is a mixed tournament where man and woman can earn the same money (FINALLY !)

Straight from Scotland I fly to Switzerland for the well-organized LETAS tournament in Bossey (just over the border in France) At the end of august there’s another LETAS tournament in Sweden

As you can see, it is going to be busy again

In September I have 2 LET tournaments (Bordeaux and Barcelona) and a LETAS tournament in the UK. I hope that as of October, the Ladies European Tour get some tournaments together, after a difficult year, so that I can secure my position.

Talk to you soon with more information


Time for the European start....

Its been a while since I gave you an update and a few tournaments have past... This year I have a full status on the Ladies European Tour but because of a small schedule I am combining the main tour with the Let Access Series. The first tournament on European ground was in France at Terre Blanche where I finished T31. Unfortunately, the last round got cancelled due to strong winds. Next up was the European tour event in Morocco where men and women play at the same venue which is good for us because that gives us some more media attention. Overall had a good tournament and finished in the the Top 30, one bad round held me from finishing higher up.

Back to the Let Access event in Gams. Lots of positives to take from the tournament because my game was not the best but I managed to score well. Although I played well, I still finished T37 because the scoring was exceptionally low.

Next up was the Jabra Ladies Open in Evian in France. This one was special because it was a dual tournament ( European tour and Let Access) and also a qualifier for the Major Evian Championship. This wasn’t my week, you have to be on your A game on this course and that wasn’t the case.

The next couple of weeks are going to be intense. First, I saw my coach to get ready for the next stretch of tournaments that are coming up. Finland was first last week were it was very cold only 8 degrees and lots of wind. It was a little up and down but finished top14, but it could have been a lot better.

Going to Czech for a Let Access and than straight to Thailand for an LET. After thailand there is the Let Access event in Belgium at Bercuit and than off to Spain for another Let Access event.

As you can see I am going to be quit busy for the next few weeks but I am looking forward to playing all the events and getting some good results.

After all the travels and tournaments I will come back to you with another update.

Talk to you soon

Back in Europe!

My time in Australia was a great experience again. Sad it is already over but also happy to be home again and start the season in Europe.

I will give you all some insight in what was happing in australia. I started of in Ballarat (Melbourne) with a one day Pro-am. I came a couple days before to recover from the jet lag and to get use to the warm weather. Straight after I went to the first tournament at 13th Beach(Melbourne), which is a tournament organized by the Australian Tour and European Tour. Weather conditions were difficult, lots of wind. It wasn’t my best start but definitely anther learning experience. Off I went to Canberra for the next tournament. I was still trying to find my swing back from playing in the wind but it wasn’t enough to make the cut there.
Next up I went to Adelaide to give it a shot of qualifying for the Australian Open. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it but on the other hand I had a week to get my game back together for the next couple of tournaments and finish strong. Bonville and Coffs Harbour were the last two tournaments on the European Tour. First time there and I loved playing the courses, they were beautiful. They are saying Bonville is the Augusta from Australia, which I have to say is true. I made both cuts and finished T37 and T30. Happy I got to spend some time on figuring out my swing when I was in Adelaide and got some good results.
I always try to send videos and talk to my coach back home if it isn’t working but it is hard to communicate from a distance.

Finished off the season in Australia by playing some more pro ams. In Yamba we got rained out but were lucky to play the next day. At McLeod I finished 2nd by losing in a play-off against Felicity Johnson. And at Hope Island I also finished second with a great second round of 67(-5).

Overall, I am satisfied with my results in Australia. I had a tough start but there were plenty of more tournaments to come so I worked hard and got some good results in the end.

A New Adventure Starts...

For everyone a happy New Year and I wish you all the best for 2018!

It was good to have a little break and I enjoyed being at home with family and friends. Of course, I also use my winter break for working on my game and physical strength with my coaches. During the season it is not always good to make major changes.

I will be going back to Australia for the first couple tournaments of the year on the Ladies European Tour. We have 4 tournaments spread out all over Australia which will be a good stretch to start with. I am very excited to go back down under, the last couple of years I have always had a good time. I will be happy to see all my host families again, they are always so welcoming and happy to have me stay with them.

You can follow me here. I will be keeping you updated with some news and good results.

Talk to you soon

Exciting news...

Last time I talked to you was before i played my last two tournaments of the season.
Quick overview on how those tournaments went.
In the WPGA International Challenge I finished T14 with scores of 72;70;72. I was happy with the way I played and also for the ranking was it a good result, ended up 6th on the Order of Merit. Last tournament in the beautiful El Saler in Spain was a little stressful because it was important to play good to secure my spot in the top 5 of the ranking. I started very steady, had a little off day the second day but managed to keep it together the last round.

Now what a season! I made 12 out of 13 cuts this year on the LetAccess, with a 3rd place at the Forget Foundation PGA Championship, a 4th place at the Finnish Ladies Open and a course record (7 under par) at Augas Santas Balneario & Golf Resort in Lugo, Spain.
As I mentioned in the beginning, I finished 6th on the Order of Merit and only the Top 5 would get their full card for the Ladies European Tour. But no worries, because some girls in the Top 5 will get their card through the LET ranking, I will move up into the Top 5.
This means it is official that I have my full card for the 2018 season on the Ladies European Tour. Wohoo!!!!
I am very excited to start this new adventure and to finally play on the main tour which was my goal.
My objective for next year is to keep my card on tour. Looking further, my goal is to play in the Olympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo.

I would like to thank everyone for their support this year, also in the difficult the times. Without you, I wouldn't be able to chase my dream.

Talk to you soon

Finish Strong...

Time for another update. Since the last time I talked to you I have played 5 tournaments and I had some very interesting turns in some of these competitions.

I drove to Czech Republic for the first tournament. I was in a pretty good position after the 2 first rounds. Unfortunately, due to a fire in the club storage, the third round was canceled because some girls clubs were damaged. But anyway, happy that everyone was safe! While the first 3 girls played a 3 hole play off to decide a winner, I didn't get a chance to move up the leaderboard.
Next up was my home tournament at my home golf club Rinkven. There are positive and negative sides on playing at home. Personally, I think it is a little harder because people expect a lot from you. It was probably not the week I hoped for playing for home crowd but proud of the way I handled myself throughout the tournament. Also, thank's to everyone that came out to watch me.

After Belgium I left straight for Spain to play the next Access Event. Some really excited stuff happened here. I had a very strong first round to start the tournament. Although I’ve shot 7-under before, breaking the course record was the first time. Didn't finish that strong but its always hard to copy the first round the next day.
Next up was Sweden were the weather was a challenge. First round I had to come inside because of thunderstorms and had to finish the next day. First two rounds were steady but during the last round I had a hard time to keep the focus because I had to come in again for 2 hours of heavy rain.
Recently, i played the LetAccess event in Bossey. Excellent and well organized tournament on a great location. Played very solid on this very challenging course with difficult greens. After this finish I ended up 8 in the order of merit with little difference to the top 5. Top 5 will get full playing right on the LET! So pretty exiting position. 2 tournaments to go (UK & Valencia) So please cross fingers for me. I also reached my lowest position on the world ranking and I'm very close to the top 500. Missed this year almost no cuts, So things are going pretty well.

Now its time for a little break.

Talk to you soon and lets hope with good news at the end of the season.

Moving in the right direction...

Its been a while so here is another update on the tournaments. I had a couple tournaments in a row which is good stay in the rhythm.

After the Azores I drove to my next tournament in Switzerland for the VP Bank Ladies Open. It is always a very good organized tournament and i love to play there. Result wise wasn't to bad finished T 22 with a lot of different weather conditions (rain,wind, sunshine). I lost a few shots on the last day because of the very strong wind.
Next up i decided to play the Santander Tour in Zaragoza, i have a lot of good memories there from last year when I finished 3th. This year it was only 2 rounds but i shot my professional career lowest score of -7 (65) and finished T2.

Next up was Sweden for the Forget Foundation PGA Championship which was a new tournament for me this year. The course was great, a little links style but good. I was still on a good flow from the week in Zaragoza. Finished T3 with some extreme weather conditions again. First round 18 holes of rain, second round very strong winds but the last they was very nice. After Sweden I went to Evian(France) where they also play the Evian Championship, one of the biggest tournaments on the ladies tour. The tournament was both a LetAccess event and a qualifier for the big tournament. Before the tournament i also got to play in the pro-am and guess what we won as a team! Played a -3 during that day but unfortunately i couldn't keep the momentum going for the tournament. Missed the cut by one shot because of one bad hole towards the end of the second round, where i made a triple on a par 3.
Things like that happen but that is golf. Its important to take the positives from it and move on to the next tournament.

Last week was the EVLI Ladies Finnish Open in Hill side golf club. Always nice to come to Finland to this well organized tournament. Happy about my game and mindset this week with scores of (-2;-2;-1) and finished T4.
Time to rest and have some practice next week before heading for the next tournament in Czech Republic.

Take care everyone and talk to you soon with another update.


Let Access Season is on the way...

Finished my winter in Australia with two pro ams, both were vey solid with some good scores.
At the end of March the season for the LetAccess started with the first tournament being in the beuatiful Terre Blanche, the south of France. I didn't start really good with a first round of +5 but than I had to have a good round to make the cut which I did. finished the tournament with a total +6 tied 36th.
After that I went to Morocco to play the Lalla Meryem Cup. I am so thankful I got the opportunity to play there again because of the Belgium federation. It wasn't the best week but it is for sure another learnnig experience.
Straight after I went to the Azores for the second Let Access event. Weather conditions were perfect except for the last day, a little rain and some more wind. But overall a good week for me finished T7.
Happy to be home for a week before heading out for the next Let Access in Switwerland.

Talk to you soon with another update on how the season is going.

Back to work...Scandinavia

Ondertussen heb ik weer wat tornooien gespeeld. Mei was een drukke maand, ik had een invitatie gekregen voor de Lalla Meryem Cup in Marokko, een tornooi op de LET om misschien mijn ranking te verbeteren en nog kans te kunnen maken op de Olympische Spelen in Rio. Spijtig genoeg was het niet het resultaat waar ik op hoopte maar heb weer wat ervaring opgedaan. Daarna waren het weer een paar wedstrijden op de LetAccess. Spanje was de volgende waar het weer een beetje tegenviel omdat ze een cut deden na één ronde en ik was daar juist een slag buiten, spijtig maar helaas. Dan in Zweden, Halmstad was het al veel beter, eerste minder goede ronde maar goede comeback met een T21 finish. In Juli heb ik nog twee tornooien gespeeld, de eerste was in Zweden, Boras waar de eerste ronde iets minder was maar terug gevochten en met eindresultaat T11. De laatste wedstrijd die ik gepeeld heb was in België, Waterloo en ik denk dat ik een beetje last had van home pressure de eerste ronde +8 en moest ik al een lage score hebben de tweede dag om de cut te halen. Tweed dag was beter -1 maar het voelde nog niet goed aan.

Dit is allemaal voorbij en we hebben nog veel tornooien dit jaar om het goed te maken. De maand Augustus wordt heel druk. Ik zal de hele maand doorbrengen in Scandinavië ( zweden, Noorwegen, Finland). Ik reis met een paar meisjes samen en we logeren ook bij host families dus dat wordt wel leuk.

Ik hou jullie zeker op de hoogte met hoe het verloopt en tot binnen een maand :)

ASGI Ladies Open

3 weeks have past since my last tournament and I'm happy to be on the road again. I had a lot of practice and physical training these last few weeks and I'm feeling ready to go.
I'm travelling to Gams in Switzerland this week for the ASGI Ladies open. The weather is not going to be that good, Very cold and possibly some snow. Luckily I have my Peak Performance gear to keep me warm.

Follow my progress on or via the livescoring link on my website.

The tournament is now over, and I must say I'm happy with my result. I finished T15th with scores of 70, 74 and 69 to finish -3.
I would like to thank @asgi_golf for the organisation of this great tournament.

ps I'm happy to say I got an invite to the Lalla Meryem Cup (LET) next week!! It's going to be a very busy three weeks...

Terre Blanch Ladies Open 2016

The LETAS season has started at Terre Blanche in France this year. As a European Tour destination, the Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort is one of the most beautiful and well maintained courses in Europe. And so, as expected, the course was in fantastic shape!

My coach was here for a few days. We had some good work done on the shortgame before the start of the Tournament and this paid off during the tournament. Although my tee-shots were not that good, I had some descent scores, 72 (-1), 73 and 71 (-2), for a total of 216 (-3) finishing in 11th place.

I'm heading home now for a few weeks for some fine tuning of the long and short game and physical training. The next tournament is in Zwitserland at the end of April.

Down Under part 2...

My time in Australia is coming to an end, I don't even know where I have to start. The last two months here 'down under' were incredible. I got to play golf on great golf courses in the most beautiful conditions, met a lot of new people and made some new friends from all over the world. Also, i got go visit some very nice places (Sydney,Melbourne, Christchurch, Adelaide, GoldCoast). Experienced my first earthquake in New Zealand and of course I hold a Koala :)

I started here in Australia playing pro ams around sydney in the hope to qualify for some of the bigger tournaments, that included some LET events as well. Of course, I was hoping to play all of them. After the pro ams ended at the end of January I knew I qualified for the Victorian Open in Melbourne where I made the cut and was T37. Also, i was pretty sure I was going to play in New Zealand Open ( Christchurch) where I also made the cut and was T41. After that I went back to Australia (Adelaide) for the Australian Open where I had to play a qualifier to get into the tournament. Unfortunately, I just missed it by a couple shots. Because of the cuts I made in the Victorian Open and New Zealand I was able to get into the RACV Masters in GoldCoast. This was my last tournament in Australia where I finished T43. I was very lucky to stay in host families during most of the tournaments in February.
Thank you so much for hosting me in Victorian Open (Brian & Mim), New Zealand (Malcom & Trish) and Australian Open (Scott & Belinda).

I am proud to say that i am happy with the results in those tournaments and feel very confident about my game. This was definitely a good start to my season and a good preparation to start my season on the LetAccess in Europe.

This year the main focus will be on the LetAccess because of the status I have right now. I am able to play a full season on the LetAccess and get high up in the ranking to get my full card for next year. Of course I want to play on the LET but this year will be very hard to get in to the LET tournaments. Hopefully, I will get some invites so I can maybe finish in the top 120 so I don't have to play pre qualifier or even in the top 80 s I can have my full card on the LET for next year.

I am looking forward to the season in Europe to start off with Terre Blanche, which is a a beautiful golf course in the south of France.

I will keep you updated throughout the year with results and the progress i am making,

First month on the ALPG

The first part of my journey in Australia is over.
I played a series of pro ams all around Sydney and played some beautiful golf courses. The format of the pro ams was a 2 best of 4. I had fun playing with members of the host clubs and sponsors, all very nice people. Some of them even offered me a place to sleep.

During the tournaments I mostly stayed at host families. I think it is a lot more fun and cheap at the same time. You get to know the area and I meet some very nice people on the way. Thank you Doug and Maddy (Moss Vale & Mt Broughton), Phil and Lyn (Castle Hill and Pennant Hill) and lastly Greg and Maddie (Long Reef) for your hospitality.

The level of play in these pro ams was quite high, much higher than the letaccess. Playing under par was not good enough to win, you had to play some very low scores to get a win or even a top 10 finish. And so I played some very good rounds to finish within the Top 20 nearly every tournament, with a best finish of T8 at the 2016 North Shore Ladies Pro Am. I even had a chance to win after shooting my career best 67 (-5) at the Mt Broughton Ladies Classic, but a disappointing second round of 79 (+7) left me in a T18th place. Anyway, I'm very happy with my performances up to now.

My goal was to get some ranking points on the ALPG so I could qualify for the bigger tournaments in February. And that's what I did!! I finished high enough in the ranking to qualify for the Oates Victorian Open in Melbourne and the ISPS Handa New Zealand Women´s Open in Christchurch (NZ). Two more tournaments after that, the Australian Open, for which I have to play a qualification round, and the RACV Ladies Masters.
Depending on my results the next 2 tournaments and my current ranking I will be able to play in that last tournament. Fingers crossed...

I am looking forward on playing all those events and travel around Australia a liitle bit more. Of course I try to do some site seeing as well if we have days in between tournaments. After the last pro am in long reef for example we had a couple days off so we went to Manly and did some surfing and hiking. I leave for Melbourne on January 30th so until then it's time to relax and enjoy Sidney.

Talk to you soon...

Looking forward to next season.....

Qualifying school did not go as I had hoped. I played some good golf but my bad shots costs me a lot. Unfortunately, this means I will not be playing on the LET next year. But because of my ranking on the LetAccess I will be able to play a full season like last year.

I have learned a lot this season about my game and myself. I have learned that consistency is very important and I know what my weak and strong points are. I will keep working hard to improve them both to reach my goal, which is to play on the LET.

With this in mind I have scheduled to play on the ALPG (Australian Ladies Professional Golf) Tour in January and February. I will play a series of 2day tournaments in preparation of my season on the LetAccess. When I play well in these tournaments I will be able to qualify for some LET events in Australia and New Zealand.

I would like to thank my sponsors: VVG, Willemen, Deloitte, Degroof Petercam, BMW, PeakLodge and PeakPerformance, Rinkven, Callaway and FootJoy. Without their support this year would not have been possible. Thank you!

Season is over, time for Qualify School

The season came to an end last week in England. The last two tournaments were in the Azores where is didn't make the cut and in England where I made the cut and finished T42. This season I made half of the cuts and finished Top 40 in the Order of Merit , which will give me a full status on LetAccess for next year. Of course I was hoping for better results, but I learned a lot from my first year as a professional.

Next, is the Pre Qualifying School for the LET in Morocco from the 30th of October until the 2nd of November. If I play good I will go to Final Qualifying from the 18th of December until the 22nd of December, where I will be playing to get my full tour card on the Ladies European Tour.

Between Pre Qualify and Final Qualify I will be going to Albuquerque, New Mexico for 2 weeks to practice in good weather and great facilities but also to visit some old friends from college.

Creditgate24 GolfSeries Hamburg Open

I'm in Hamburg, Germany for another LETAS event. I'm playing 5 tournaments in the next 5 weeks, so it is going to be very busy. I had a good practise the past few days, they have an awesome shortgame practise area here where i spent most of my time.

I'm the last player on the course today. Tee off at 14h on hole 10. Let's hope it stays dry...

Very windy and wet conditions today. Played some really good shots and gave myself some good chances for birdie. I'm happy with my score 73 (+1). Tomorrow I have an early teetime at 9.50, let's keep hitting some good shots!
After a round of 74 and a disappointing 76, I finished with a total of +7 in a T34 place.

Boras Ladies Open

Another week in Sweden, now for the Boras Ladies Open near Gothenburg. I'm lucky to be staying with a host family again. They picked me up at the airport yesterday morning and I played 9 holes with the father of the family, he is a local pro. He gave me some good advice to play the course.
Another practise round today, the tournament starts on Friday...

Deloitte Ladies Open

I'm so excited to play my first official LET tournament. Thanks to my sponsor and Liz for the invitation. Last year I played this tournament as an amateur and I loved the course, it is so beautiful and well maintained, everything is spot on!
I had a practise round on monday, they changed the course a little bit. Some tee-boxes where moved so some holes are playing a bit shorter others longer. This morning I played another round and this afternoon I'm invited on the Deloitte Ladies Open Kickoff-Launch event. A boat trip on the canals of Amsterdam and Nearest to the pin competition. Let's have some fun...

It was pretty tough out there...but I did not play very well either. Too much missed fairways and greens the first day which lead to many bogeys. The second round was better, I hit more fairways and greens with good chances for birdie, but my mistakes were very costly. Any way, some more experience in the bag and more work to be done...
I'll take a break now, no golf for a week!

Open Generali de Strasbourg

I had a good rest these few days and a checkup with my coach George. I made a few changes in my routine to help my focus on the course.
I'm in Strasbourg this week for another LETAS event. I arrived yesterday and played 9 holes. Today I'll play another 9 holes and some rest in the afternoon. I'm looking forward to this event, I'm feeling confident that I can play well here.

The first round's score was much worse than what my game was like. I feel I'm going in the right direction again, hitting good solid shots and building confidence shot after shot. That is my goal for tomorrow as well.
It's hard to adjust to some changes during the season, but they need to be done.

Evian Championship Qualifying

I'm at Evian Golf Club this week. There are two spot to be played for the Evian Championship. The course is very hilly and demanding so I'm happy my dad is here to caddy these 2 days. I need my A-game, let's do this!

Unfortunately the game was not there. Need some rest now before I head to Strasbourg next week.

PGA Halmstad Ladies Open by Haverdal

This week I am playing the PGA Halmstad Ladies Open in Haverdal (Sweden). The tournament will start on Friday. I arrived on Monday and I am staying in private housing only 10min away from the golf course. The hosts are members of the Haverdal Golfclub and take really good care of me. On Tuesday I played the first practice round and my first impressions of the course were very good. There was a little wind but the sun was out. Yesterday I hit some tee shots and worked around the greens. Today i'm playing the pro-am in the afternoon followed by a BBQ with my team.

I'm teeing of the first round at 13.20 on hole 10, I am really excited to ho out there and enjoy it. I feel confident on the course and i am ready to start.

The course is playing tough! Yesterday I shot 76 (+4). I was not really comfortable over my ball and missed a few chances on the back nine.
Today it was much tougher, luckily my ball striking was better and I felt more at ease. I played 75 (+3) and made the cut. Nothing to lose now, lets go low tomorrow!
I finished with a 73 (+1) for a total of +8 in 22nd place. I had a solid round going until I hit a bad shot on 17 which cost me a few strokes. My game is getting there, just need to hit a bit closer to the pins so I have more makable birdie chances.

I would like to thank the host family for a wonderful week, they took really good care of me. Today I have a 5 hour drive to Norway for the next LETAS event, the Drobak ladies open.

ASGI Ladies Open

Road trip to Switzerland this week. I visited some good friends from my college years yesterday, Ira and Xenia, they live on the way to Switserland. It was good to see them again!
I left early today because I had a few more hours to Gams-Werdenberg. I'll play a practise round in the afternoon.

The course is in good shape and the views around this course are beautiful!! I am going to enjoy my time here! Some shortgame, target practise today and 9 more holes in the afternoon.
I'm teeing off at 13.52 tomorrow.

It was quite a struggle today, my driver was all over the place... so I had a hard time finding the greens. Luckily my short game was not too far away and the 2 birdies I made to finish kept my round together. I shot a first round of 73 (+1) and I'm in a tie for 22nd place.
Tomorrow is another day. Time for some diner now and a good rest. I'll start the second round at 9.28 off tee number 10.

Day 2:
What a horrible day on the course... too many bad shots, lost balls in the high rough...A day to forget quickly.

Driving home tomorrow. Some rest and practise is needed before I head to Sweden in 2 weeks.

Ribeira Sacra Patrimonio de la Humanidad International Ladies Open

This week I'm traveling to Lugo in Spain to play the Ribeira Sacra Patrimonio de la Humanidad International Ladies Open. I had a flight to Porto in Portugal and had to wait a few hours for a bus ride to the hotel. I'm staying at the Augas Santas Balneario & Golf Resort.

The tournament starts on wednesday 29th, so a practise round today and tomorrow I'm playing the pro-am.

The practise round was pretty wet, only 5 minutes of sunshine. Not any improvement on the weather the next few days, so keeping my clubs and myself dry will be a challenge. The course is very narrow and keeping the ball in play with the tee shots is crucial on this course.

I had some fun playing the pro-am today. we played some good golf and finished second at -11. I'm feeling confident for tomorrow. Starting at 10.20 off tee 10.

Day 1:
The weather was ok today, a little bit of sunshine, so I did not have to take out my umbrella. I felt a bit uncomfortable with my swing and left a bunch of putts short on the greens. So I'll do some speed drills and target practise this afternoon.
All in all, I kept it together and shot level par. Two more rounds to go here in Lugo...I have a tee time at 14:05 tomorrow.

Day 2:
Wow, that was a rough start! A few bad shots on the first few holes which cost me a lot of shots...I refocused and played some better golf afterwards. I shot 73 (+3) and fell back to a tie for 18th place. Let's move back up that leaderboard tomorrow. First in the course tomorrow at 8.30 off hole 10.

Day 3:
I played a few shots better the last round and shot even par again, finishing in a tie for 12th place. I'm very happy with my result and I'm looking forward to next week. I'll be playing the LetAcces tournament in Gams, Switserland.

Open Generali de Dinard

This week I'm playing the Open Generali de Dinard in Dinard, France. It is the first LETAS tournament of the year and I'm very excited to finally start playing tournaments as a professional.
I played some solid golf on the first round and I'm happy to have shot a 68 (-1).

I'm teeing of at 14.15 at the 8th hole today. Let's hit some fairways and greens!

Day 2:
Played 69 (par) today. A few mistakes here and there and some missed opportunities at the end of my round. I'm int 3rd place after 2 rounds, only 2 shots back. Let's stay patient and focussed.

Teeing of at 10.40 tomorrow for the final round.

Day 3:
The last round was not was i hoped for, it was a lot more windy than the first two days and I woke up with a sore back. Anyway, I played under my abilities that day shooting a disappointing 76 (+7) leaving me tied in 17th place.

Overall I'm happy with my performance this week. I know my game is there!

I leave for my next tournament in a week, I'll be playing the OCA Augas Santas Ladies International Open in Spain.

Tournament Schedule

Hello everyone,

My Schedule is online!!

I've entered in the Lalla Meryem Cup (LET) but I'm still awaiting confirmation that I am included in the field.
After that I will play a few tournament on the LETAS in April and May.

As this year is a Solheim Cup year, tournaments on the LET will be hard to get into at the beginning of the season. But I'm hoping to get a few starts anyway. My focus will be on the LETAS this year, as my goal is to get a full LET Card by finishing in the Top5 of the LETAS Order of Merit.

See you soon


LET Rookie Orientation weekend

The LET organised a weekend for the Rookies at La Sella Golf Resort & Spa. This orientation weekend was organised to get to know the LET staff, how everything works at the Ladies European Tour and to meet other players.
We got to meet Marta Figueras-Dotti, the first Spanish female professional. She shared her insights on professional golf and life on the tour.

Thank you @LETgolf for this opportunity and experience. I'm sure it will help me get started on the Ladies European Tour more easily.

Car Sponsor - BMW Centreauto

I'm very please to say that I got a new sponsor today.
BMW Centreauto Wijnegem - Malle offered me this BMW 1.

check out their website at

Professional Golfer

Today I became a member of the Ladies European Tour (LET). As such I'm am now a professional golfer.

I can't wait to start the new chapter in my golf carreer @LETgolf!

LET Q-School Final Qualifier

I'm so proud and happy!

As you can see I've made it as a "rookie" (somebody who participates for the first time and makes it through the final cut) to the Ladies European Tour 2015. I ended up in the Top 60 which means that I get category 9b and can participate in a considerable number of tournaments on the 2015 Tour.
Top 30 (full card) would have been better of course but after all, starting as a "junior" pro partly on LET and LETAS is maybe somewhat more comfortable both mentaly and financially.

I want to thank you all for all your support and wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


LET Q-School Final Qualifier

After the second round I'm T27th. I'm playing good golf and I'm confident that putts will drop.
3 Rounds to go to get my LET Card for 2015!